Record Breaking Snow Drought Continues in Fairbanks

Published: Oct. 15, 2018 at 8:54 PM AKDT
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Fairbanks has yet again broken another record this year. Around this time of year, the hills around Fairbanks are usually covered with a light blanket of snow, although this year is one of those exceptions. The last time Fairbanks hasn't seen snow on the ground this late in the year was back in 1920. Fairbanks has set the record for the latest trace of snowfall as of October 11, and that record will continue each day until the snow begins to fall.

Meteorologist Tyler Rodenbaugh with the National Weather Service, tells us what the reasoning is for this snow-less season.

"Basically what has been causing this is an unusually warm pattern. Our temperatures in Fairbanks have been running about seven degrees above average this month, and obviously, when we are well above average that lowers our potential for snowfall," he said.

Rodenbaugh says that along with the warmer temperatures in Fairbanks, we are also approaching another record for the latest measurable snow which is considered a tenth of an inch or more in accumulation. And the latest for that record is October 31. Rodenbaugh gave us a look at what we could be seeing in the coming week.

"What will be happening is that, we might get some colder systems coming into here, especially towards the end of the week. We did add the potential for rain snow mix in the forecast, which would end our streak of days without snowfall, so that's what its looking like in Fairbanks right now," he said.

Rodenbaugh says high pressure systems throughout the month have contributed to warmer temperatures across the state, but winter is inevitable in Alaska and it could happen at any time.