River Watch team heads to Fairbanks to monitor ice jams

Published: May. 1, 2018 at 8:21 PM AKDT
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As rivers in Alaska start to break up, many eyes on are on them. Including a group from the National Weather Service called River Watch. They are responsible for monitoring the breakup and possible dangers for communities along rivers.

This Sunday the first team is headed up to Fairbanks. They will depart from here to fly out to examine different parts of the Yukon River, from Eagle to Tanana.

As they follow the ice jams, they meet with community leaders to keep them updated on the current status of the rivers and any possible dangers. As long as there is any danger to a community along the river, they will continue to monitor that section of the river.

Officials say the flood potential forecast is low to moderate for the state, but the river watch team says they won't know until they can get out there and see.

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