Seaweed makes new opportunities for coastal communities

Published: Apr. 24, 2018 at 8:47 PM AKDT
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It's an industry that has been growing in coastal communities across Alaska, but may be getting slowed down by the permitting process.

Seaweed is being incorporated into more and more products every single day.

Officials say that's because it's quick, easy to farm, and sustainable.

'Blue Evolution', a company based out of California, has been growing the seaweed farming industry in Alaska since 2015.

Currently, they're working together with commercial fishermen who can farm seaweed in the winter season - a time when tourism and fishing slows down for the year.

According to Tamsen Peeples, of Blue evolution, "Seaweed is a much faster process, a farmer can get a permit, get his lines in the water that fall, and be harvesting the following spring. So it could be like a six month period. But the permitting process is taking much longer than that."

Tamsen also says by farming seaweed, you can also reduce damage to the ocean, as you're not removing wild seaweed from its natural environment.

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