Alaska's U.S. Senators give Independence Day Addresses

 Senator Lisa Murkowski
Senator Lisa Murkowski (KTVF)
Published: Jul. 4, 2020 at 2:56 PM AKDT
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Both Alaska U.S. Senators wished Alaskans a Happy Independence day.

Senator Dan Sullivan’s addressed the importance Saturday of thanking service members.

“It’s also vital to remember the freedoms we have and are celebrated today have been secured at a price, a very high price. There is no Independence Day without the U.S. military and our courageous veterans, past and present. American service members have done more, not just to help protect our nation, but to liberate men and women across the globe from tyranny and oppression. Hundreds of millions of people. More than any other force in human history, [America] has done this, so today we also offer a heartfelt thanks to our veterans and their families for service.” -Senator Dan Sullivan

Senator Lisa Murkowski touched on how celebrations will look different this year. She also said there is more work to be done in striving for equality for all Americans.

“As Alaskans I would hope that we each take time to reflect on the lessons of our nation, from the founding to today. To even the national conversation that are taking place now. I for one am grateful to live in a nation that promises every individual the opportunity for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and how we make good on that promise to all Americans is what really defines us. Over the generations we have worked to better attain the goal of equality for all, but we know that that work continues. I’m grateful that we Americans are free to speak up and give voice to injustice, inequity, [and that] we are able to do so with that freedom. As I return home to Alaska for the next couple of weeks, I’m reminded how very very blessed I am to represent Alaskans as part of our incredible and yet imperfect nation, so from my family to yours, Happy Independence Day.” -Senator Lisa Murkowski

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