Students and parents get a head start on Science Fair at Noel Wein Library

Published: Jan. 19, 2019 at 7:55 PM AKST
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Students and parents gathered at the Noel Wein Library Saturday, to get a head start on the upcoming school district science fair.

Science fair poster boards from previous year's, filled the Noel Wein library's auditorium Saturday, as parents and children came to gather ideas and information for the upcoming School District Science Fair in March.

Kaley Sikes is an educator at the Fairbanks Children's Museum.

She spoke about the event called science Fair 101.

"Were helping kids come up with ideas for their science fair projects. And giving them Resources and tools, and paperwork to make it a lot easier on parents and the kids themselves," said Sikes.

The library, along with the Fairbanks Children's museum, the School District and UAF's Alumni Association, came up with this idea to give kids a way to brainstorm topics and use resources available to plan ahead for the coming months.

"We've got some cool idea's I’ve been hearing around the room. This kids want to test popcorn brand is the best, got some projects on wood frogs that I'm hearing. And some kids that don't know at all what they want to do. But that's what we are here for, is to help give them ideas,” said Sikes.

Sikes says there are guidelines that students have to follow, meaning what they are allowed to use in their experiments, and a check list that give students the criteria required for a good presentation.

"The projects can't have live animals we have paperwork that explains all that. Dangerous chemicals, metal parts that are flying around, so there certain things that can't be displayed," said Sikes.

There are several project categories for the kids to choose from.

And Sikes says what the judges are looking for is creativity, neatness, and if the experiment meets all the criteria on the checklist.

Ryan Tuma is participating in the science fair for the first time this year.

When asked if she was excited...

"Yes I am, I love science," said Tuma.

She spoke about her idea for the upcoming event..

"I am doing battery science, I am working with magnets, wooden blocks, copper wire and a motor. I would like to see what the magnetic field is like," said Tuma.

The District science fair will take place the last week of March at Pioneer Park.

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