The Folk School hosts Log Construction Workshop

Published: Sep. 18, 2017 at 10:00 PM AKDT
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The Fairbanks Folk School is hosting its first Log Construction Workshop, bringing students from all over the world to learn how to create log cabins.

When we met up with the group, they had already begun putting the home together.

At the beginning of the Log Construction Workshop, a host is chosen for the class, who will receive the home when it is complete.

"Absolutely, somebody's going to be living in this cabin, yeah."

Main Instructor Robert Chambers has provided this class with the University of Alaska Fairbanks' Cooperative Extension Service but this is his first time working with the Folk School.

He says this is a class where students take the lead.

"So in four weeks complete beginners are going to be building a log cabin. It's about 15 feet by 20 and we start with raw logs with the bark on and the students do all the work. I haven't cut a single notch in the building. I demonstrate how to cut the notches and how to scribe the notches but the students do all the work."

Poland, Iceland, France and even Sweden.

"Students travel from all over the world to participate in this once and a life time class, all in the hopes that one day, they'll be able to build their own log cabin."

Swedish student Daniel Sundberg hopes to take the skills he learned at the workshop to better his own business.

"I own a small business in Sweden so I hope I can make some good professional log cabins and make a living out of it and hopefully build one of my own someday."

He goes on to say that the leadership in the class is great for his learning.

"Listen carefully and just attend and you will learn it. Rob is a great teacher. He explains complicated stuff very easily, so he makes hard things easy to understand, so I really appreciate that."

At the end of the four weeks, students will receive a certificate of completion.