UAF celebrates Indigenous Peoples Day

Published: Oct. 8, 2018 at 8:13 PM AKDT
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The University of Alaska Fairbanks Hosted an event Monday in honor of Alaska's indigenous people. 'Achieving Well Together' was the theme of the second annual Indigenous Peoples Day at UAF. People gathered to celebrate culture, language, and traditions that have been passed down through many generations and focus on the resiliency and enduring strength through oppression. Elder Luke Titus spoke about how important it is to share and pass down traditions.

"I think it is important to carry on the traditions of our people because of the way that we can connect to society. I always emphasize integrating cultures into what we are doing today that even my children and grandchildren will understand that," he said.

He reminisced about his childhood and shared memories of his adversities being a young native Alaskan.

"It just does something to you, it puts things into perspective for yourself. When I got to boarding school I didn't know anything about the separation of boys and girls. They separated us first thing when we got to school, and they did a lot of phenomenally traumatic things to us, and just really, sometimes I wonder what they did that for you know," he said.

Others Followed suite sharing their testimonies of how being a native Alaskan has embedded deep roots of culture and tradition in their lives.