UAF plans free science camp for kids in foster, state care

Published: Apr. 2, 2018 at 7:05 PM AKDT
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UAF is offering a special, free of charge, summer camp for kids in care of the state, which includes kids in foster care, with relatives, in a group home or any similar situation.

Kids will spend a week at the Bonanza Creek Experimental Forest, a steep bluff that overlooks the valley, about 20 miles south of town.

They'll be outside exploring nature, hiking, experimenting, and making art with friends.

Kids will take the roll of a scientist with interactive, hands on activities.

It's a free day camp for kids going into 7th, 8th, 9th or 10th grade.

The camp provides lunch, snacks and rain gear.

They also have transportation from central points in Fairbanks, North Pole and Ester.

Katie Spellman; Co-Director>>: "One of the things we just noticed, you know, years of running youth camps, you start to notice who doesn't get to come to camp because of logistical barriers like might not have the resources to come to camp. So this is just a chance to get more kids coming out and learning about the beautiful world we live in and are connection to it."

Christa Mulder; Camp Director>>: "When kids have spent a lot of time in foster care, they start feeling like they're a burden. You know, everybody is taking care of them and they don't really have much to contribute. It's like 'Okay, now we have to pay for this and take care of food for that. You know, I think it's really eye opening and really important for building self-esteem and building a feeling of you can do stuff."