Where is Steven Downs?

 Steven Downs (From Androscoggin County Sheriff's Dept.)
Steven Downs (From Androscoggin County Sheriff's Dept.) (KTVF)
Published: Jun. 24, 2019 at 5:56 PM AKDT
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Steven Downs of Maine was arrested in February, for the 1993 murder of Sophie Sergie, after state officials used DNA evidence to link Downs to the murder.

He was initially fighting extradition while he got his legal defense arranged but waived extradition in May. Alaskan authorities had 30 days to take him from Maine and they chose to have him transported by Federal Marshals.

Downs' attorney, James Howaniec says it has been almost a month since he was taken from Maine, and he still is on the east coast.

According to Howaniec, Downs was first taken to a New Hampshire country jail for a week and a half, and more recently has been in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York. According to his attorney, Downs may be transferred to Oklahoma next.

Howaniec said Downs is in good spirits, but they do want to get the trial underway.

"We're a little bit at a loss as to why it's taking so long. It's been a little over three weeks now since he's left the state of Maine," said Howaniec. “We anticipated he would be in Alaska long before this time... we're just looking forward to getting him to Alaska so we can begin the pre-trial process and ultimately the trial of this case."

He said it is a little frustrating having to wait but that the prosecutors are in the same boat with everyone waiting for the Marshals to transport him.

Howaniec also added that if it takes too long, they could look into pressuring federal officials with Downs' speedy trial rights.