Wildly creative YouTube superstars kickoff spring in Fairbanks

Published: Mar. 25, 2019 at 8:10 PM AKDT
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The animated and creative band "OK GO" took to the stage at the Hering Auditorium Friday Night, as part of the band's live video tour. Known for their elaborate music videos, melodic rock and roll style, they have captivated audiences from around the world.

Lead singer and guitar mate Damian Kulash says the band started out in Chicago in the late 90's and stumbled into an untapped niche, making music videos. Kulash and band member Timothy Nordwind met at an arts camp in 1987. They became friends, formed a band and the rest is history. He spoke about how their claim to fame first began.

"We had a video go accidentally Viral, like it wasn't even meant to be a music video. It was a rehearsal clip go viral in 2005. And realized that it was a very fun medium to work in, so we've been making our own videos for, I guess, it's almost almost been 15 years now, and they have become more elaborate and more insane as the years have gone by and has become our trademark and it's a weird and wonderful little world to be in," Kulash Said.

Since 1998, “OK GO" has made a name for themselves with their wildly eccentric videos for all ages. With millions of views on You tube, 3 video music awards, and a Grammy award, 21 Cannes Lions among other numerous accomplishments. They are now incorporating it all to the stage. Kulash says channeling balance for a rock show and video performance took some creativity.

"Certainly our music videos resonate with people at any age level. I think, there's kind of an age you go through where rock and roll is your thing, or it's not. But it's nice to realize that we have a fan base that there is always more 5-year olds coming to our shows and then there will be 60-70 year olds learning about us for the first time. And because it’s not just what's cool this summer, it's actually about a broader set of creative ideas, it’s not particular to a particular age group," said Kulash.

They have been touring all 50 States, and Alaska is state number 49. The only state they have yet to visit is Hawaii. Kulash said he Visited Alaska one other time, on a sheep tracking expedition in Denali. But this is the first time the band has come up to Alaska as a group.

"Why not Alaska? We are just excited to be here,” He said.

“OK GO” Brought their creative energy to the stage, bringing together Fairbanksans of all ages. And for the band, they can now scratch Alaska off their bucket list.