Yukon Quest 2018 Has Crowned Allen Moore As It's Champion

Published: Feb. 13, 2018 at 7:47 PM AKST
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Moore is now a three time champion of the Yukon Quest, as he finished with a run of nine days, 20 hours, and one minutes.

Moore is now in the same room as two other great mushers to win the big race three times.

He joins Hans Gatt and Lance Mackey, but Moore will need one more victory to tie them at four.

Moore started off the race with 14 dogs, and he finishes with those 14 dogs, as his two lead dogs led the way for his third championship.

Moore relied on Commando and Dutch to get through the race, as he will get the $23,000 purse and the gold nugget from entering Dawson City first.

Allen Moore will now prepare for the Iditarod with his wife Aily Zrikle as both will race in it.

Now let's get to the top five mushers.

Of course we have in first is Allen Moore.

In second is the former champion Matt Hall, who made it to Whitehorse for a second place finish.

His run time was 10 days, two hours, and 46 minutes.

In third is Laura Neese, as she is still on the trails as of 4 P.M, and she is only four miles away from Whitehorse.

In fourth is the rookie, as Vebjorn Reitan looking to finish strong as the fresh blood in the race.

And in fifth is the Canadian Ed Hopkins.

Allen Moore spoke afterwards about the trails during his victory.

Allen Moore; Yukon Quest Champion 2018 >>"We had a little bad, not a bad trail, but more difficult trail. Because the trail up to now, up till yesterday was fantastic. So we got this two or three inches of snow out there, it just made it a little bit slower, but we chugged right along. But winning is always good, I don't know what you say. I'll come back next year and try for four."