Eielson construction job openings announced

Published: Jun. 29, 2017 at 3:15 PM AKDT
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The US Army Corps of Engineers are recruiting candidates to fill positions in support of military construction of the F-35 bed-down at Eielson Air Force Base and the Long-Range Discrimination Radar at Clear Air Force Station in Anderson, Alaska.

Upcoming job openings include project engineers, civil engineering technicians, and quality assurance and construction control representatives.

Those interested in becoming project engineers, will need an engineering or architectural degree.

Construction control representatives will need a construction background.

This will be a continuous hiring session and within the next year, offices should be fully staffed.

Job searches will go nationwide but those living in Alaska will be better fit because they will better understand construction season and the varying of temperature in Alaska.

for the full listing of jobs, visit

Area Engineer for the Alaska District, David Gerland says these projects are top priority for the nation's defense.

"For us, I mean these are critically important programs. They're both from the air force and the missile defense agency, I mean high visibility projects and quite important to the nation's defense. These are one of these things that is, these two programs are two of our top three priority programs that the Corp of Engineers here in Alaska are working on so that's why we're trying to push this information out there and try and get the best and brightest candidates we can and like I said certainly trying to get some people that may not otherwise be aware of the opportunity to be aware of what we have to offer."