All-State Team Selections announced for DII and DIII

Published: Nov. 9, 2019 at 7:40 PM AKST
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Alaska Football Coaches Association Division II All-State Selections


Coach of the Year: Norm Davis – West Valley

Assistant Coach of the Year: Nathan Zody - Lathrop

Offensive Player of the Year: Jersey Truesdell – Soldotna

Defensive Player of the Year: Galen Brantley III – Soldotna

Lineman of the Year: Melvin Lloyd – Soldotna

Utility Player of the Year: Wyatt Medcoff – Soldotna


1st Team Offense

Quarterback: Jace Henry – Lathrop

Quarterback: Jersey Truesdell - Soldotna

Halfback: Justin Cummings – West Valley

Halfback: Aaron Faletoi - Soldotna

Fullback: Wyatt Medcoff – Soldotna

Wide Receiver: Jhon Rones – Lathrop

Wide Receiver: Avery Weston – West Valley

Tight End: Galen Brantley III – Soldotna

Tackle: Melvin Lloyd – Soldotna

Tackle: Danny Panama – Lathrop

Guard: A.J. Olo – Lathrop

Guard: Trent Walden – Soldotna

Center: Hunter Beck – Kenai


1st Team Defense

Defensive Line: Melvin Lloyd – Soldotna

Defensive Line: Markeith Matthews – Lathrop

Defensive Line: Brock Weatherspoon – North Pole

Defensive Line: Zach Ziegler - Soldotna

Outside Linebacker: Duston Corbin – Palmer

Outside Linebacker: Hudson Metcalf – Soldtona

Inside Linebacker: Galen Brantley III - Soldotna

Inside Linebacker: Aaron Feletoi – Soldotna

Inside Linebacker: Josiah Opp – Lathrop

Defensive Back: Wyatt Medcoff – Soldotna

Defensive Back: Jhon Rones – Lathrop

Defensive Back: Jersey Truesdell – Soldotna

Defensive Back: Avery Weston – West Valley


1st Team Special Team

Long Snapper: Brady Schults – Palmer

Kicker: Jersey Truesdell – Soldotna

Punter: Justin Anderson – Kenai

Kick Returner: Wyatt MedCoff – Soldotna

Utility Player: Zach Hanson – Soldotna


2nd Team Offense

Halfback: Lavar Marshall – Palmer

Halfback: Hudson Metcalf – Soldotna

Fullback: Duston Corbin – Palmer

Wide Receiver: Alex Garcia – North Pole

Wide Receiver: Braedon Pitsch – Kenai

Tight End: Ethan Bleakney – Palmer

Tackle: Josh Avega-Miguel – Kodiak

Tackle: Brock Weatherspoon – North Pole

Guard: Dylan Hose – Palmer

Guard: Justice Roy – Soldotna

Center: Wyatt Nelson – Lathrop


2nd Team Defense

Defensive Line: Hunter Beck – Kenai

Defensive Line: Ray Chumley – Soldotna

Defensive Line: Isaiah Legget – West Valley

Defensive Line: Tyler Linder – Palmer

Defensive Line: Josh Miguel - Kodiak

Outside Linebacker: Keegan Daoust – West Valley

Outside Linebacker: Edgee Ocampo – Kodiak

Outside Linebacker: Tucker Vann – Kenai

Defensive Back: Tyriq Luke – Lathrop

Defensive Back: Vince Mangrobang – Kodiak

Defensive Back: Braedon Pitsch – Kenai

Defensive Back: Dawson Vantassel – Palmer

Defensive Back: Andre Williams – Lathrop


2nd Team Special Team

Long Snapper: Dylan Zurflueh – Kodiak

Kicker: Skyler Denny – North Pole

Punter: Jake Golden – West Valley

Kicker Returner: Vince Mangrobang – Kodiak

Kick Returner: Avery Weston – West Valley

Utility Player: Finn Hill - Lathrop


Alaska Football Coaches Association Division III All-State Selections


Coach of the Year: Glenn Nelson - Houston

Assistant Coach of the Year: Jared Barrett - Houston

Offensive Player of the Year: Gavin Mulhaney - Houston

Defensive Player of the Year: L’Juan Diaz - Barrow

Lineman of the Year: Kiderro Fono -Houston


1st Team Offense

Quarterback: Gavin Mulhaney- Houston

Halfback: Owen Mulhaney – Houston

Halfback: Jaden Spaulding - Redington

Fullback: Will McManus - Eielson

Wide Receiver — Michael Eiter - Nikiski;

Wide Receiver: Jefferson Nobleza - Barrow

Tight End: Zoltan Holmly - Eielson

Tackle: Kiderro Fono - Houston

Tackle: Logan Anderson - Valdez

Guard: Ezra Fono - Houston

Guard: Caleb Gum - Eielson

Center: Devean Onega - Barrow


1st Team Defense

Defensive Line: Kiderro Fono - Houston

Defensive Line: Jeremiah Barrett - Houston

Defensive Line: Isaac Carlson-Hamo - Redington

Defensive Line: Charlie Tuai - Barrow

Inside Linebacker: L’Juan Diaz, Barrow

Inside Linebacker: Payton DeVaughn, Eielson

Outside Linebacker: Zoltan Holmly - Eielson

Outside Linebacker: Owen Mulhaney - Houston

Defensive Back: Domnick Reyes - Barrow

Defensive Back: Talupo Falaniko - Houston

Defensive Back: Sam Berry - Nikiski.


1st Team Special Team

Kicker: Jordan Higbee - Monroe

Punter: Michael Eiter - Nikiski

Long Snapper: Mason Muramoto - Monroe

Kick Returner: Zoltan Holmly - Eielson

Utility Player: Tate Chadwick - Valdez


Second-Team Offense:

Quarterback: Payton DeVaughn - Eielson

Halfback: Michael Nysing - Nikiski

Halfback: Micah Serino - Barrow

Fullback: Kennedy Fono - Houston

Wide Receiver: Carter Tennison - Homer

Wide Receiver: Jordan Higbee - Monroe

Tight End: Frances Mose - Houston

Tackle: Josh Manwiller - Homer

Tackle: Mason Brouillet - Redington

Guard: Christian Mattson - Redington

Guard: Caileb Payne - Nikiski.


2nd Team Defense

Defensive Line: Jayrick Nobleza -Barrow

Defensive Line: Nicholas Lilomaiva - Barrow

Defensive Line: Koleman McCaughey - Nikiski

Defensive Line: Carter Tennison - Homer

Inside Linebacker - Caileb Payne - Nikiski

Inside Linebacker - Josh Manwiller - Homer

Outside Linebacker: Gavin Mulhaney -Houston

Outside Linebacker - Javon Pau - Redington

Defensive Back:Collin Mullaly - Seward

Defensive Back: Jahzeah Williams - Redington

Defensive Back: Jefferson Nobleza - Barrow


2nd Team Speicial Teams

Kicker: Michael Mysing - Nikiski

Punter: Jordan Higbee - Monroe

Long snapper: Andrew Mulligan - Seward

Kick returner: Anthony Kalugin - Homer

Utility player: Jordan Sewell - Seward

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