Anchorage School District makes decision on Dimond Football team

Published: Aug. 31, 2018 at 10:11 PM AKDT
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We have some breaking news about the Dimond Football Investigation.

The Anchorage School Board has made a decision on when the team will resume their schedule.

They will hit the field again next weekend to play East Anchorage.

According to the Anchorage School District, three members of the coaching staff have been removed, and students have been disciplined.

The coaching cuts include the teams head coach.

ASD Superintendent Deena Bishop said that FERPA Laws prevent them from dsiclosing how many players have been punished, or how they have been disciplined.

She did confirm that the students were no longer on the football team.

The team was under investiagation for an alleged sexual misconduct incident that saw members of the team violate their freshman teammates.

Derek Brewer, a teacher at Dimond will take over as the interim head coach.

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