Kramer, Wolfpack pace Region VI Ski Championships

Published: Feb. 10, 2020 at 7:43 PM AKST
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Another race, another victory for West Valley's Kendall Kramer, who earned first in the girl's 7.5-kilometer race at the Region VI ski championships at Birch Hill Recreation Area on Friday. This sparked a dominant weekend for the Wolfpack, who earned first in the boy's 10-k, the boy's 4x3 relay and the girl's 4x3 relay. Kramer, a Junior Olympian, talked about the growth of West Valley's ski program throughout her four years.

"The professionalism has really grown, but with the professionalism and with the competitive edge and the success, the fun and the traditions have still been maintained," Kramer said after the victory on Friday. "We still do the same things, we just have bigger goals because we know we are able to achieve them and there is a large confidence level I think, and that is really, really good."

"Freshman come in knowing the success and the height of the program. I am really glad they can continue that on, and they are all inspired by the older kids. I think the seniors are really connected with the underclassmen and we are good role models and I really like where the program is headed." she added.


Girls 7.5k

1.Kendall Kramer - West Valley - 24:22.1

2.Maggie Druckenmiller - West Valley - 26:31.1

3.Abigail Haas - Lathrop - 26:38.2

4.Maggie Whitaker - West Valley - 28:03.6

5.Hjelle Personius - West Valley - 28:41.6

6.Mallory Presler - West Valley - 29:25.1

7.Kate Baring - West Valley - 30:41.2

8.Leni Stoltz - West Valley - 32:58.4

9.Lauren White - Lathrop - 33:15.8

10.Sonja Truffer - West Valley - 34:46.1


Boys 10k

1.Eric DiFolco - West Valley - 30:02.5

2.Josh Baurick - West Valley - 30:34.3

3.Luke Buth - West Valley - 31:17.7

4.Nolan Earnest - West Valley - 31:29.6

5.Jordan Laker-Morris - West Valley - 31:29.9

6.Eli Merrill - West Valley - 31:49.9

7.Dale Baurick - West Valley - 32:49.3

8.Thomas Bueler - West Valley - 33:12.0

9.Daryn Espinosa - Lathrop - 33:20.3

10.Andrew Stringfellow - Lathrop - 33:26.2


17. Nelson Hays - Monroe - 36:20.8


Girls 4x3

1.West Valley 'A' - 43:37.6 - Kate Baring, Mallory Presler, Kristen Abramowicz, Kendall Kramer

2.West Valley 'B' - 44:55.5 - Hannah Delamere, Hjelle Personius, Annika Swanson, Maggie Druckenmiller

3.West Valley 'C' - 47:57.7 - Leni Stoltz, Sojna Truffer, Hazel Langley, Maggie Whitaker

4.Lathrop/Monroe - 50:57.6 - Lauren White (LHS), Elisabeth Stringfellow (LHS), Madelyn Wonderlich (LHS), Mateya Koch (MCHS)

5.West Valley 'D' - 1:05:14.4 - Ava Jelinek, Cedar O'Donell, Spring Smith-Hughes, Leah Marks

6.Valdez - 1:05:42.7 - Chloe Miller, Momoka Ishikawa, Cherubim Palomar, Elania Hanson


Boys 4x3

1.West Valley 'B' - 32:16.7 - Thomas Bueler, Josh Baurick, Nick Buth, Luke Buth

2.West Valley 'A' - 32:41.2 - Jordan Laker-Morris, Ezra West, Caleb Peterson, Eric DiFolco

3.Lathrop 'A' - 34:15.0 - Andrew Stringfellow, Daryn Espinosa, Jonathan Ebel, Beren Vonnahme

4.West Valley 'C' - 37:53.2 - Nolan Earnest, Elias Engman, Ben Kassof, Daniel Abramowicz

5.Lathrop 'B' - 39:52.4 - Matthew Johnson, Eric Weiss, Harrison Riggs, Wesley Hicks

6.Hutchison 'A' - Tobin Stoltz, Ian Tragis, Landon Bicknell-Lons, Dillon Congdon


10. Monroe 'A' - 53:03.7 - Nelson Hays, Bruce Otey, Ole Peterson, Smirnov Vladimir