NANOOK CORNER: Jandric brothers finish first season playing college Hockey together; earn All-WCHA honors

Published: Mar. 19, 2019 at 9:23 PM AKDT
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Tonight for Nanook Corner, we're going to talk to the two brothers from British Columbia who just wrapped up their first season playing college hockey together, and earned some conference honors in the process.

Steven and Chris Jandric represented the Nanooks in the All-WCHA teams, and were the lone selections that were not on the All-Academic team. Although thier play of the ice made it no surprise that they were chosen, the older of the two brothers was surprised.

"I was playing Fortnite with Chris and then my dad actually sent us a text saying 'Congrats', and I was like 'Oh for what?' and then I looked and Chris got the All-Rookie team and I was on the third team, which is kind of a good surprise I guess," said Steven.

"It was awesome. Obviously in the summer Steven got the All-Rookie team last year so he was really pushing me trying to get that, so it was a big accomplishment for me. We've got a couple plaques up right in the living room so he made sure that when my parents put up a little Plaque line for me seeing if I could get any, and I got a couple so that was awesome," said Chris.

Steven Jandric led the Nanooks in scoring this year, earning 24 points with 9 goals and 15 assists. This is his second all-WCHA honor after being named to the all-rookie team a year ago. This year, however, he got to play next to his brother, giving us the opportunity to see this connection first hand.

"I play with him every second year, usually. And, you know, playing backyard hockey with him and street hockey and stuff. I'm always playing with him so obviously there has to be some kind of chemistry that builds up over those years. It's awesome to get to play with him," said Steven.

Chris' first year at the college level was also a success, finishing the year with 15 points thanks to 3 goals and 12 assists.

"It was awesome. It was a big step but yeah we had our first month to come down and work out and practice and I thought that the speed really helped me out. We're practicing at 110%. Everyone is trying to make the lineup. So it's awesome that everyone is doing that and helping each other out," said Chris.

These two are part of a very bright future for the Nanook hockey team, which is loaded with underclassmen. They will get a chance to play together for the next few years and motivate eachother like only a brother can. Including some friendly competition during practice.

"Obviously the family doesn't want us to hurt one-another during practice, that's for certain. But if you need to rub someone out or take a hit, you have to. You aren't going to back away from it. Obviously you aren't going to run him through the boards or whatever, but if the hits there you're going to make him better by giving it to him," said Chris.