NANOOK CORNER: Markie Miller looking to make an impact in both Volleyball and Basketball for UAF

Published: Nov. 28, 2017 at 9:44 PM AKST
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There is only one Dual-Sport athlete at the University of Alaska that is not a Cross Country Skier and Runner.

For this week's edition of Nanook Corner we talked with UAF Volleyball and Basketball player Markie Miller.

Volleyball season may be over, but Markie Miller will still be competing on the Alaska Airlines Court at the UAF Patty Center. The Redshirt Freshman out of Brewster Washington redshirted her first year at the University of Sioux Falls before joining the Nanook Volleyball team. However, this year she also decided to join the Women's Basketball team. She is the only Dual Sport athlete at UAF this year that isn't a Cross Country Skier and Runner.

Markie Miller; UAF Volleyball and Basketball>>: "I don't know I was just like, joking around with the Basketball coach whenever I saw him in the halls. He was like 'Okay come try out' so I said okay. On Monday I was kind of nervous about it. Because I was like 'What am I doing?' And then I went to the first practice on Tuesday and I was so glad I did it. And I'm just really glad I did do it because I love the girls and it's really fun."

Miller has already proved to be a force on the Volleyball court. She earned Triple Digit stats in two different categories this season, finishing the year with 122 digs and 230 Kills. Now Miller, who played three different sports in High School, will be looking to bring her talents to the Basketball team. Since Volleyball season just ended, Markie is just now joining her teammates, but they are already starting to build the bond that teams need in order to succeed.

Markie Miller; UAF Volleyball and Basketball>>: "That's really hard actually. They know all the plays; they are friends with each other already. I was friends with them before but it was always just, like, saying Hi at the Caf. But now it's like, they're my team. It's kind of hard, but they're super nice so it's easy."

Those who have competed at the college level know how difficult life as a student athlete can be. The commitment to your team and your academics takes monumental amounts of responsibility, loyalty, and sacrifice. Markie Miller has not only decided to take that challenge, but to do it in two completely different sports.

Markie Miller; UAF Volleyball and Basketball>>: "My friends tell me... they're always bringing it up, they're like, 'Dual Sport Athlete'. I know High School is different but I played three sports through high school so I just feel, like, used to it I guess. But everyone is really supportive about it so that's really cool."