NANOOK CORNER: UAF Seniors host special Press Conference after their final game in the Carlson Center

Published: Feb. 27, 2018 at 11:20 PM AKST
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The Five Seniors on the Nanook Hockey team held a special Press Conference after their final game in the Carlson Center.

We'll hear from the 2018 Seniors in this week's Nanook Corner.

It started with Tayler Munson, who grew up here in Fairbanks, where he played for the Lathrop Malemutes. He then joined the Ice Dogs for 5 years before signing with the Nooks.

Taylor Munson; Nanook Hockey>>: "I just want to think the fans, again, for your continued support over the last four years. I want to thank my family, of course. They've done everything for me since I was little and without them I wouldn't be up here."

Nick Hinz came up to UAF from Oakdale Minnesota and will finish his career with 17 assists. He's been named an Academic All-Conference member and is a two time Brice Alaska Goal Rush Champion.

Nick Hinz; Nanook Hockey>>: "I want to thank my teammates over there and the guys sitting up here for a good four years. My parents right there. It hasn't always been easy on us, but we found a way to make it work. And definitely this city. I came here as a 17 year old and you guys embraced me with open arms."

Austin Vieth came to the Nooks from Marinette Wisconsin and appeared in 81 games for the Nooks. He has accumulated 15 points off of 11 goals and four assists and was named the Goal Rush Tournament MVP in 2014.

Austin Vieth; Nanook Hockey>>: "Again say thank you to all of you guys. From the day I came up here for my visit to things like that I knew this was a group oriented community, and different things like that. This support is unlike no other. Without you guys it wouldn't be what it is today so thank you guys. Thank to my family. They support me more than they know."

Zach Frye also played his last game in the Carl. The Spokane Washington Native was the Fan's Choice Player of the year last year. He ended his last game in the Carlson Center with two goals and is the reigning WCHA Defensive player of the week.

Zach Frye; Nanook Hockey>>: "I'm lost for words. I just can't believe that was my last game at the Carlson Center. It does go fast, as Cliché as it is. I remember being in the dorms like yesterday, with Tayler. He didn't talk for the first, like, six months but... I just want to thank you guys for everything. It's been amazing."

Justin Woods made history earlier this season when he was named team captain. He was the first player from Fairbanks to ever wear the C on his Jersey. Woods has overcome many hardships including being diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma as a freshman, which forced him to take a Redshirt year. Woods was able to defeat the rare form of Bone Cancer and stepped onto the ice again the very next season. His inspiring efforts and extraordinary ability, led to him leading his team.

Justin Woods; Nanook Hockey>>: "I was blessed enough to kick the

out of Cancer. And I'm sorry for swearing, but that word Cancer deserves every swear word in the dictionary. I want to thank my mom. Every day going through Cancer, she was there by my side. I just thank the boys and my coach for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to play. And I just love you guys so much. And thank you for everything you've done for me."