Nanook Corner: The journey to the 49th State from two UAF Volleyball players

Published: Oct. 17, 2019 at 7:39 PM AKDT
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There are hundreds of student athletes at University of Alaska Fairbanks, all coming from different paths in life, while also taking different paths to make it to Fairbanks.

Eastern Arizona College transfer AveRee Reynolds, crammed her and her husband's belongings in a car, and made the trek up to the Golden Heart City in August."

"The trip was crazy, I don't know how we drove all the way and didn't break down or anything like that," Reynolds, a junior on UAF Volleyball's program. "It was really cool to see the difference between Alaska and Canada and Montana and Idaho and all the way through Arizona, so it is awesome."

One of the highlights of the trip, was seeing the northern lights in its full glory. Although she is now temporarily separated with her family, she has found a new one, here in Fairbanks.

"Being in Arizona, I was surrounded by Wyatt's family and being in Utah, I was surrounded by my family and up here we don't really have anybody. But it is good to have a team and know they're my family now." Reynolds said.

One of the furthest traveling Nanooks, is freshman Sophie Schilling, from Berlin, Germany. When traveling that far to an unfamiliar environment, there is going to be some differences.

"Most obvious thing is that I have to speak English here, so that is one of the most differences. Then also, the temperature of course." Schilling said.

Fortunately for Sophie, there is another German on the volleyball team, Lahra Weber, who is already accustom to the Alaskan lifestyle.

"Honestly, it is really good to have her here. I mean, everyone has helped me on the team, because obviously I am a German, but she has helped me a lot," Schilling said. "It is a good feeling to have someone that knows how it is to be a German in Alaska."

But when her family calls, she is always happy to report back positive things.

"When they ask, I am always telling them good things, because I love the mountains, I love the nature here, I love going out and seeing all the trees. I am from a very big city so there are a lot of people and cars, and also the team here is really good.

No matter what part of the globe you come from, once you don the blue and gold, you're a Nanook for life.

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