Nanooks continue loss streak into double-overtime tie with Lake Superior

Published: Nov. 10, 2018 at 8:06 PM AKST
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The Nanooks have yet to see their first win of the season, but last night's matchup with Lake Superior was perhaps their closest to moving towards a positive win/loss ratio.

So close in fact that it had trouble complying with official WCHA and NCAA game rules. Coming to a standstill at 3-3, the Nooks and LSSU roughed it out in a single round of overtime. This round is limited to five minutes with five players per team on the ice. If either Division I team cannot surpass the opposition within that time it is considered an official tie under the NCAA. However under the WCHA, if the tie meets and passes 65 minutes in total both teams earn a league point.

Since Alaska and Lake Superior land under WCHA as Division I teams they continued the match on to a three-on-three second round of overtime, despite already determining that neither team would technically win that night and would have to settle for 1-2 league points.

The Nooks took the final score in this double-overtime with the help of junior forward Colton Leiter and moved to 0-7-2-1 overall this season, with the Lakers falling to 5-1-1-0.

Our Nanooks clearly have found the strength that they've needed all season and will continue this push against Lake Superior once more today in Michigan.

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