Wisconsin Golfer completes quest to play in all 50 states in Fairbanks

Published: Aug. 3, 2017 at 9:54 PM AKDT
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A golfer from Milwaukee Wisconsin set a mission for himself to play Golf in all 50 states and he finished that quest right here in Fairbanks.

Jeff Neeb has been traveling to all 50 states in the country to play his favorite sport and hobby, golf.

Alaska was the last state on his bucket list to play golf for fun.

Neeb has been playing golf across the country for the past 12 years.

His daughter Tammy also joined him on part his journey.

Neeb went to at least 5 states a year to complete his golf challenge.

He says golf to him is merely just a hobby that he wanted to pursue across the country alongside his daughter.

"We just laugh at every hole, if you hit a bad shot we laugh. So that means were laughing all the time, you know. We went to Boston one year and we golfed seven states in seven days. Well, it's raining today but it's not too bad. It's beautiful up here, you know. Alaska is great. If anybody is thinking about golfing 50 states, just do it. It's a blast. Put it on your bucket list and just do it. You'll love it."

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