New Revelations By Journalists On The Front Lines Of History Inspire Season Two Of 'We Interrupt This Broadcast'

Published: Nov. 11, 2021 at 5:05 AM AKST

NEW YORK, Nov. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, "We Interrupt This Broadcast: Before it was history, it was news" has announced the Season Two episodes of the celebrated podcast docuseries to begin streaming on November 22, 2021. Together, season one's JFK Assassination episode and season two's The Killing of Lee Harvey Oswald episode commemorate the November 22nd and 24th anniversaries of these historic events, revealing never-before-heard audio and revelations from broadcasters and journalists who were covering these events in real time. Listeners are enlightened with impactful details that did not previously make the airwaves or subsequent historical accounts.

We Interrupt This Broadcast (PRNewsfoto/We Interrupt This Broadcast,Joe Garner)
We Interrupt This Broadcast (PRNewsfoto/We Interrupt This Broadcast,Joe Garner)

Hosted by legendary broadcaster Bill Kurtis and narrated by Brian Williams, 'We Interrupt This Broadcast' is a celebration of the art of journalism and the heroism of journalists who broke the news and reported the captivating details from the front lines of these iconic moments.

Season Two episodes will include interviews and thrilling new details by broadcasters, TV journalists and historians who were entrenched in these notable moments, including Oswald Assassinations; Watergate: Nixon Resigns; Challenger Explosion; Rescue of Baby Jessica; The OJ Simpson Slow Speed Chase; The Oklahoma City Bombing; Y2K; Hurricane Katrina Slams New Orleans; Election Night 2016; and War of the Worlds – The Original 'Deep Fake', which recently began streaming on its historic anniversary.

Season Two includes candid conversations with former CNN VP David Bernknopf; investigative journalist Diane Dimond; helicopter reporter and pilot Zoey Tur; former executive producer of NBC's TODAY Show Beth O'Connell; broadcast historian A. Brad Schwartz; as well as Brian Williams, who will step beyond his role as podcast narrator to share his personal and gut-wrenching experience reporting on the Oklahoma City Bombing.

"Podcasting allows us to get it right—we get to tell the story calmly and accurately. If we do it right, it will bring people as close as possible to the feeling of being as fortunate as we are to have this job," said Brian Williams. "It's been a tremendous privilege and honor to live through breaking stories as they are happening, right alongside our viewers. Listening to We Interrupt This Broadcast, you're going to feel that same tension, excitement, mystery, and urgency that we felt in the moment as we broadcasted."

Heralded by historians, journalists, educators, and fans of broadcast media 'We Interrupt This Broadcast' celebrates the crucial role broadcast journalism has served throughout our nation's history. The contributors are a "who's who" in broadcast journalism, and each episode unfolds with the brisk pace and tone of a thriller while presenting an in-depth look into the reporting of, and candid reaction to, events that have since become historical benchmarks.

Seasons One of "We Interrupt This Broadcast" is now available for download on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play and wherever listeners get their podcasts. Season Two will be available on November 22, 2021.

Created by Joe Garner and based on his eponymous New York Times Best-Selling Book with a forward by Walter Cronkite, season one premiered July 20, 2021 and comprised 12 episodes, including the Hindenburg Disaster, D-Day Invasion, the JFK Assassination, the Apollo 11 Moon Landing, the President Reagan Assassination Attempt, the L.A. Riots following the Rodney King verdict, the Death of Princess Di, the Tragedy at Columbine, the 2000 Presidential Election, and 9-11. Pre-broadcast era dramatizations of The Nat Turner Slave Uprising of 1831, and the Passing of the 19th Amendment rounded out the season.

The docuseries, produced by i4 Media Ventures, LLC, will be presented over six 12-episode seasons for a total of 72 episodes.

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About Joe Garner
Dubbed "the Ken Burns of the written and recorded word" by talk legend Larry King, Joe Garner is a veteran radio industry executive, narrator, host and producer, as well as a multiple New York Times bestselling author. His seminal multimedia book, We Interrupt This Broadcast, innovatively pairing audio, photographs and text, has sold more than one million copies and has for two decades served as a go-to chronicle of America's broadcast history. The "We Interrupt This Broadcast" docuseries podcast is the maiden project of i4 Media Ventures, LLC, co-founded in December 2020 by Garner, Ron Hartenbaum and Scott Calka.

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