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Published: Nov. 12, 2021 at 3:53 PM AKST

NEW YORK, Nov. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Below are experts from the ProfNet network who are available to discuss timely issues in your coverage area.

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  • U.S. Child Care Policy
  • Developing Youth Programs
  • Fundraising and Relationship Building
  • Thoughts on Meta and the "Metaverse"
  • The "Metaverse" and the Future of Work
  • Building Safety


  • Reporter and Staff Writer, Informa Connect (NY/Remote)
  • Cutover Lead – Dow Jones (New York)


  • 9 Native American News Sites to Celebrate in November (and Beyond)
  • The NYC Marathon is Back, so Here are 5 Running Blogs We Love

U.S. Child Care Policy
Corey Shdaimah
Daniel Thursz Distinguished Professor of Social Justice
University of Maryland School of Social Work
On proposed child care package: "Many people think that these proposals take away parental choices, but they can actually provide more options if they support parents' abilities to stay home and care for their own children or to pay for child care. For this reason child care often receives bipartisan support."
U.S. Child Care Policy
Media contact: Charles Schelle,

Developing Youth Programs
Dr. Nancy Athanasiou
Director of Programming Services
PEARLS For Teen Girls
To be effective, youth programming must be designed WITH youth, not FOR youth.
The importance of youth voice when developing, implementing, and assessing youth programs.
Media contact: Alaina Landi,

Fundraising and Relationship Building
Christy Miller
Director of Development
PEARLS For Teen GIrls
Effective fundraising is 95% building and maintaining relationships and 5% asking for money.
The importance of relationship building when it comes to fundraising.
Media contact: Alaina Landi,

Thoughts on Meta and the "Metaverse"
Jennifer deWinter
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
"The Metaverse is already here. We're living in a 1990s future."
Morpheus may have said it best in The Matrix - "most people are not ready to be unplugged" – but are they ready to plug in to the Metaverse? Worcester Polytechnic Institute Professor Jennifer deWinter can cut through the hype, tell you if you should take the red or blue pill on Facebook's rebrand, what the Metaverse will actually look like, and why the dystopian future envisioned in 90s cyberpunk classics where the term Metaverse was first coined, is already here.
Media contact: Jack Levy,

The "Metaverse" and the Future of Work
Kenny Ching
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
How will workplace teams interact if the Metaverse becomes the future of work?
Working from home and hybrid work has become a new way of life for many people, but is the Metaverse the future of work? WPI Professor Kenny Ching can talk about how teams may interact and how social familiarity could play out if our offices move to the Metaverse.
Media contact: Jack Levy,

Building Safety
Dominic Sims
Chief Executive Officer
International Code Council
Dominic Sims, CBO is the chief executive officer of the International Code Council. As CEO, Sims is responsible for the overall activities and financial performance of the association, including its six subsidiaries. During his 18-year tenure, Sims has also served as the Code Council's chief operating officer and senior vice president. Sims has worked in the building safety field since 1983.
Sims is an expert on the application of building safety technology, code and standards development and community resiliency. He has served on and chaired numerous national committees and task forces spanning a wide range of topics related to building safety.
Media contact: Alexander Melillo,


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